May 02

Beyoncé and the Mysterious “Becky”

There’s no denying it: She’s just so…black! And proudly so, the deliberate setting of the music video accompanying “Formation” in a submerged yet defiant New Orleans, the Black Power era inspired costuming for a high profile public performance during Black history month, quoting Malcolm X, and her collaboration with young African poet Warsan Shire on Lemonade’s adaptation to film, were all self-aware statements of intent to produce an album that was consciously Beyoncé expressing herself inclusive of her identity as a black American woman.

April 29

The Charge of Antisemitism and the Struggle for Truth

Faced with mounting international pressure over its treatment of Palestine and the Palestinian people the Israeli government has adopted a strategy of accusing its critics of antisemitism.

April 27

Naz Shah and the Crime of Criticising Israel

Israel has successfully constructed a security wall around itself, cynically using a distorted narrative of the holocaust to disempower all legitimate criticism of its criminality (and that is what it is).

April 27

Panama Papers: reigniting the debate for a global tax body

In the absence of a more effective and inclusive global tax agreement, decisions on international tax rules continue to be undertaken undemocratically by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

June 03

Heard Depp Domestic Violence

We don’t know if Johnny Depp physically assaulted his wife Amber Heard, I know that Heard alleges that he did, on more than one occasion. So, while legally the jury is out, so to speak, the photographs of Heard’s bruised face and the fact that she has been granted a temporary restraining order, the short duration of the marriage and her legal bid for spousal support, have been more than enough grist to the gossip mills in the meantime.

May 11

Will Melania Trump make it to the White House?

Maples’ recent return to the spotlight since her divorce from Trump in 1999, we are led to believe, was prompted by her appearance on ABC show Dancing with the Stars, hence her appearances on Access Hollywood Live, The View, Entertainment Tonight, and The Wendy Williams Show, not to mention several stints co-hosting the Dr Phil and Son produced The Doctors.

March 24

Tyrrelstown is Only the Tip of the Housing Crisis Iceberg

Under normal circumstances a housing crisis is not a significant problem for a healthy government to tackle. All that is required is a small amount of legislation to protect the rights of tenants.

March 23

What has the US Accomplished With its War on Terror?

What has decades of death and destruction achieved? After some 118,000 air strikes, millions of casualties, trillions of dollars squandered, and country after country plunged into chaos, the US has failed to gain political control over any of them.

March 11

Israeli Apartheid Week 2016

Palestine has been a disappearing state since 1948 when hundreds of thousands of its children were forcibly ejected from their homes, stripped from their claim to a nation on account of the Zionists successfully brokered deal with colonial Britain.

February 05

Ireland’s Economic Recovery is a General Election Spoof

After eight years of increasing austerity measures – making the poorest in Ireland pay for the richest – the balance in the state’s accounts has changed, and this will of course be reflected in the national deficit figures.

January 25

Conspiracy: the Collective Noun for Bankers

They devised a scheme whereby €7.2 billion would be passed back and forth between the two institutions to create the false impression to investors that the non-bank deposits were significantly larger than they were in reality.

January 24

General Election 2016 is all about Water

Up to 20,000 on the streets of the capital can only be seen as the tip of the iceberg. It is a significant number which represents a groundswell in political opinion over the whole of Ireland. 2016 is a general election year, and it has become obvious to everyone but the government that this is bigger than any other popular political movement in the country.

January 23

Get Used to it, the GOP Polls have been Trumped

When he first entered the Republican Party nominations race, let’s be honest, we all thought Donald Trump was a joke. Trump is a joke, but his current 40.8 point lead in the GOP polls has stopped everyone laughing. It now looks like we will have to get used to the idea of Trump running in the US Presidential campaign for the Republicans.

August 08

Making Sure that Work Pays in Ireland

The Work Must Pay movement has rightly decried the JobBridge initiative as a scam and have decided to take visible and vocal action against those employers who are profiting from such unjust sources of labour.

July 09

Domestic Violence and Dublin’s Social Media Grapevine

Emma Murphy made the decision to share her experience of domestic violence on social media. This took a great deal of courage, but we must ask if social media is the right place to seek help in cases of domestic abuse.

May 01

Grangegorman Squatters Face Eviction on Monday

In the face of the Irish government’s intensifying campaign of austerity which has accelerated the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, where an increasing number of people across Ireland are finding themselves priced out of the private rental sector and even homeless, a small group of squatters have taken action against NAMA. […]

April 25

Sandra Harris: Dublin’s Random Horror Reviewer

Maybe it was an 80s thing. Horror movies from the nineties and from the past decade and a bit aren’t quite the same as they were back in the day. British Hammer Horror from the late 1970s shaped the way that people in this part of the world understand and appreciate what we have come […]

March 28

Naming and Shaming in the Sensational Coverage of the Graham Dwyer Trial

We don’t expect much from TV3. It is a commercial channel owned by the UK based equity fund management firm Doughty Hanson & Co, with the sole purpose therefore of making money. Murder trials with the level of public interest that the Graham Dwyer trial generated are, of course, going to be a huge money […]

March 27

Scotland’s Labour Party: Another Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Just as the Labour Party here in Ireland, in a right-wing coalition government with Fine Gael, has turned on the working people with the imposition of water taxes to assist in the payoff of the EU/IMF bailout, the Scottish Labour Party over the water has been called out for the sell-out that it is. What […]

March 24

Water has Exposed the Great Irish Class Divide

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, as head of the Fine Gael – Labour coalition, has not faltered in the course of economic austerity set by the previous Fianna Fáil government. Pandering to the financial interests of the wealthy, Fianna Fáil ensured that the corporate tax rate remained unrealistically low to attract foreign direct investment and large […]

March 21

Record Numbers March against Austerity

Not much happened in Dublin today, certainly that is the case if your only source of news and information is the state broadcaster RTÉ. What the official news outlet of the Irish government deliberately failed to notice was the 80 – 100,000 people who marched on the GPO from every corner of Ireland. Bus and […]